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About Us

Kuwait Business e-Gate stands as the navigator hub, the pivotal point of a reference channel and an advocate of communication and information between public-private sectors and communities in Kuwait.

We focus to activate our role in generating innovative communication structure in delivering integrated and reliable information, in print, digital publishing, organizing local events, accompanied by the expansion in implementing the initiatives of our e-data system as an additional ladder for communication advancement in Kuwait.

Kuwait Business e-Gate will be your “home base” business information and communication backbone, the perfect place to house all of the great content your business creates to inform and engage, supporting all of your digital and print presence in the modern marketplace.

To guarantee the best utilization of KBG, our media expertise, researchers, market strategist and professionals put all their efforts to make sure our 100% verified listing and collective data information have been researched extensively, and recently validated and scrubbed. Our quality assurance process features both automated and manual checks to ensure that all information gathered is as complete, accurate and timely as possible.

KBG house of circulation and distribution strategy focuses on government and non-governmental sectors, diverse companies and organizations, group holdings, industrial and commercial establishments, and other leading establishments in the country.

Kuwait Business e-Gate has been committed to serving not only the world’s biggest companies in the country, so as, the communities at large today!


  • To ensure that the Kuwait Business e-Gate is the main reference for the government, investors and
  • businessmen in relation to the economic data.
  • Spread the culture of data availability in the analysis and monitoring the ups and downs indicators in the national economy.
  • To enhance the database systems locally and internationally.
  • Conversion of conventional information into electronic through the latest technological research systems.
  • Development of national human resource to understand and facilitate the economic data system.
  • Intensify the contribution to the economic issues and find real solutions for any issues that may impede
  • the economic development plan in the state.