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Kuwait Strategic Partnership Forum

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As the State of Kuwait moves forward in meeting the ambitious goals of Kuwait’s National Vision 2035, the role of companies and firms in the economic and social community development becomes more and more crucial. Across the vision of the remarkable leadership of His Highness Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah – The Emir of Kuwait, may Allah protect and guide him along with their families, the country aims to be an advanced society capable of sustainable development and providing a high standard of living for its people.

On its pursuit on initiating programs and promoting good governance in the business industry and on its flagship project Kuwait Media Center, took step-forward focusing on the importance of public-private partnership in the economic sustainability and how together we can advocate progress on the goals and vision of Kuwait 2035.

The first Strategic Partnership Forum – 2019 under the concept entitled “Building Partnership Towards Growth” will serve as a platform for local – international business professionals to discuss how public-private organizations use corporate social responsibility to integrate economic, environmental and social objectives with their operations and progress. Incorporating Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as the continuing commitment by business to behave ethically and contribute to economic development while improving the quality of life of the workforce and
their families, as well as of the local community and society at large in Kuwait.

The Forum will take place on 10th October 2019 at Hotel, Regency Kuwait Hotel.

The purpose of this forum is for the key government stakeholders and private sector to meet and discuss ways in building the country economic sustainability and strengthening the relationship between them. The event will highlight all the business sectors corporate social responsibility vision and philosophy, contribution to the community and to the country and at the same time the robust and unprecedented contribution of the government to all the community at large.

The State of Kuwait believes that cooperation should be at the top of efforts for harnessing the fruits of globalization and uplifting the lives of people around the world. Along with it, we believe that transparency and dialogue can help to make a business appear more trustworthy, and push up the standards of other organizations at the same time and to be mutually beneficial to the private and public sector.

Therefore, we are keenly inviting all the public-private organizations to collaborate with us in discussing their share of corporate responsibility to ensure sustainable development within the community. Your voluntary involvement would help highlight the importance of you and your company’s significant contribution as the key role player of the economic development arising in Kuwait.

WHO ATTENDS - Attendees by Job Titles


Government Sector

CEO / Chairman

Stakeholders / Shareholders

Director Operation Managers Consultant Oil




WHO ATTENDS - Attendees by Sectors


  • Get inspired by the opportunities CSR creates.

  • Explore winning brand strategies.

  • Build a responsible culture.

  • Maintain your corporate reputation.

  • Tell your CSR Story in a More Meaningful Way.

  • Enhance your Brand Awareness and Trust.

  • Make Sustainability Come to Life.

  • Tailor and Target your Stakeholders’ Messaging.


  •    Guest Table
  •    Documentary Film (Success Story) about the History and achievements of the company.
  •    Welcoming Speech
  •    Flags bearing the name and logo of the company
  •    Roll-Up (Indoor / Outdoor) of the Hotel premises.
  •    Inside Colored Page in the Book ( Kuwait Business Gate ) in Arabic & English section.
  •    Company Name and Logo - on the Cover
  •    Company Name and Logo on the Invitation Cards + Main Banner
  •    Company Name and Logo on the Display Screen ( indoor / outdoor of the event hall )
  •    Distributing Gifts to Forum Attendance with the company name and logo of the sponsor
  •    The Forum will be covered by the media and local newspapers representing information about the company sponsor.
  •    Campaign, promotion in the Television and newspapers about the company sponsor after the event.

Official Sponsor
  • 20 (Person)
  • 8 (Minutes)
  • 8 (Minutes)
  • 10 (Flags)
  • 4 (Roll-Up)
  • 12 (Pages) Arabic & English
  • Main Cover

Golden Sponsor
  • 15 (Person)
  • 5 (Minutes)
  • 5 (Minutes)
  • 7 (Flags)
  • 4 (Roll-Up)
  • 8 (Pages) Arabic & English
  • Main Cover

Silver Sponsor
  • 8 (Person)
  • 3 (Minutes)
  • 3 (Minutes)
  • 5 (Flags)
  • 4 (Roll-Up)
  • 4 (Pages) Arabic & English
  • Main Cover

Participation Sponsor
  • 5 (Person)
  • ــــــــ
  • ــــــــ
  • 2 (Flags)
  • 4 (Roll-Up)
  • 2 (Pages) Arabic & English
  • Main Cover