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Kuwait Business e-Gate Print

Kuwait Business e-Gate offers an extensive suite of the online and print listing to assist you in reaching the right and successful businesses and people quickly and easily throughout the country and link through The Kuwait Business e-gate includes the following:

e-Gate representing the business & government sectors:

  • New Governmental Services for the private sector requirements
  • The business events & exhibitions in 2019.
  • The acquired 100% data of the business classification in the state by category and sub-category.
  • The public & private sectors tenders.
  • The business news of the state related to the sector activity.

In Print Copy:

  • A5 High Specification Print with 25000 copies
  • Arabic & English transliteration
  • E-Gate services and as well the B2B instructions for the Mega Projects corporations with the government and as well the classification of the companies in Kuwait.
Partner with us by registering your company to our e-Gate system as your media and online business navigator hub that provides all the business tools you need.


  • It will be held on 1st October 2019 on Regency Hotel at 6.00 pm, to be participated by the major key economic player in the country re Governmental entities and major companies in the country.